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Partner with us and transform education in Brazil.

Partner with us and transform education in Brazil.

Of the 53 million children and young people in basic education, 88% depend exclusively on public education. This is why we work in partnership with public education networks to bring quality education at scale throughout Brazil.

When a company chooses to invest in comprehensive education today, it also takes an important step towards reducing social inequalities. By prioritizing the cause of education as a strategy for its ESG agenda, your company chooses to generate inclusion and social and economic development. In addition, it generates value for your brand among your audiences, connecting more easily with an increasingly attentive and aware consumer market.

For almost 40% of the respondents heard by EY Parthenon consultants in 2020, brands that contribute to the community could charge more for their products. On the other hand, for almost 60% of those heard by Opinion Box’s “Brands and Positioning on Political and Social Causes” survey in 2021, education should be the main social cause to be supported by brands and companies.

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