The Ayrton Senna Institute is the result of the Brazilian three-time Formula One winner, Ayrton Senna, long held dream of a country where everyone could have the chance to achieve whatever they wanted.

After the accident in Imola, Italy, in May 1994, Viviane Senna, the pilot’s sister, decided to take this dream forward, founding the organization in November of that same year.


Read the testimonial from Viviane Senna, President of the Institute, about our journey

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Throughout our history, we have developed evidence-based studies and fundamental diagnoses to guide the implementation of public educational policies, offering the necessary tools to public administrators and educators. This experience has brought us international recognition and led us into relentless pursuit for innovation in order to expand the educational frontiers of our country.

  • Foundation of the Ayrton Senna Institute
  • Ackowledgment of the Institute as a UNESCO Chair
  • Beginning of partnership with OECD
  • Launching of eduLab21
  • Launching of the Humane platform


As a part of our commitment to transparency with all our partners and the society, we annually publish our institutional report. Read it in full to find out details of our work.

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In the Press Room, you can find our press releases and announcements issued to journalists and communication vehicles. In this environment, you will also find the contacts of our press office for guidelines, interview requests and other information.