30 Years of Legacy

Changing Lives Through Education

Ayrton Senna dreamed of a country where everyone knew victory and had more opportunities. The family carried forward the pilot’s will and, in 1994, founded the Ayrton Senna Institute with the purpose of transforming the country through education.

Accelerating social transformation, the Institute has driven innovative initiatives, making history with a journey of impact. Senna dominated the tracks, the Institute dominates the construction of educational solutions that promote change.

In 2024, the Institute celebrates 30 years of legacy. Is time to celebrate the million of victories of children, young people, and educators from all over Brazil, whose lives have been transformed through our work.

Improving the development of millions of students, the Ayrton Senna Institute has become a leader in advocating for comprehensive quality education. We operate in all corners of Brazil, promoting effective transformation.

We produce evidence based knowledge about education and human potential, implement educational projects in partnership with public schools, train teachers and contribute to the development of public policies that make a difference.

With the power of knowledge, collaboration and dedication we tackle many inequalities, helping many children and young people cross their own finish lines with more opportunities, determination, and perseverance.

Uma imagem composta mostra uma jovem sorrindo e levantando a mão em uma sala de aula à esquerda, enquanto à direita, um piloto de corrida com equipamento vermelho levanta o punho em sinal de vitória, capturando momentos de conquista tanto na escola quanto fora de casa.
Two students, a boy and a girl, collaborating on a drawing in a classroom, surrounded by colorful artwork and a pink pencil case.


Our initiatives and initiatives have already changed the lives of millions of Brazilian educators and students. In these three decades of work:

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    We have provided over 36 million services to students all over Brazil.
  • We have been present in all 27 federal units, in over 3,000 cities.
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    We have accelerated educational outcomes by 3 to 10 times in over a thousand municipalities.