Education, one of the key elements for the progress of any nation, faces serious historical debts in Brazil, magnified now by the Covid-19 pandemic and the closing of schools for long periods. The pandemic’s impact on education, combined with school evasion is devastating, and studies are indicating a setback of at least ten years. It is already clear that educational inequality has also grown, widening the gap between rich and poor students.

Because of that, important and sustainable developments in productivity, innovation, economic growth and social advancement in our country are compromised. More than ever, a collective effort is fundamental to move Brazilian education forward, ensuring that no child or young person is left behind.

Together we bring opportunities to thousands of students

We believe education is the most strategic tool that can be offered to children and young people for the development of their full potential. Therefore, we transform lives through quality public education.

We accomplish this mission with the help of partners who think like us: INDIVIDUALS who believe in this cause and COMPANIES that prioritize education as the social pillar in their ESG strategies.

Our projects are 100% funded by partnerships with the private sector, corporate donations, donations from individuals, and royalties from the Senna brands. Today, more than 50 organizations have chosen to stand with us in this important fight against inequality – companies that know that education is, in fact, the main instrument for social transformation.

Brazil was the Latin American country that most searched for the term ESG on Google in 2021, demonstrating that the Brazilian private sector is indeed aware of its role in a more conscious and sustainable development of our society.

Embracing our work is embracing the cause of education and leaving a positive mark on society. Let’s do it together?

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