Get your employees involved and make your company an agent of transformation.

Give a gift to the future

Public education in the country is responsible for almost 90% of primary and high school students – more than 46 million children and young people depend exclusively on the public school network.

Our mission is to take innovative educational projects to public school networks and reach as many students as possible. For this reason, one of the ways to support our work is through recurring payroll donations, making it possible to engage employees and create purpose among them by belonging to a socially active company.

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Through the Presente para o Futuro program, created by us, employees can contribute on a monthly basis to the education of children and young people through direct payroll giving.

Just like consumers, employees are increasingly looking to connect with companies that have synergy with their values and purposes. For 96% of the professionals surveyed by Randstad consultants in 2021, the alignment of personal values with the organization’s culture is a key factor for the satisfaction of working in a company.