Research on Creativity and Critical Thinking

As a science laboratory for education of the Ayrton Senna Institute, eduLab21 carries out its own scientific research aligned with the topics developed in partnership with the Institute's Education and Strategy teams, such as Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Creativity and Critical Thinking are fundamental competencies for students to develop and act in the 21st century. We present below EduLab21’s goals with respect to this topic:

- Develop an instrument for assessing creativity and critical thinking for formative purposes in classrooms;

- Guarantee that the instrument has advanced measurement approaches and ensures greater safety, usefulness and robustness to the assessments made;

-  Prepare feedback reports with specific interactive support based on target audiences and the use of EduLab21 instruments;

-  Prepare sets of pedagogical activities that, used in conjunction with the rubrics, promote the development of these competencies at schools;

-  Make available the "Competencies of the 21st Century: Critical Reasoning and Creativity - Review of Evidences and Recommendations";

-  Contribute to the development of a mechanism to identify and collect a set of good teaching practices;

-   Make the "Fostering Student's Creativity and Critical Thinking" report available; a study prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that describes the experience of 11 countries in developing and accessing creativity and critical thinking, including Brazil.

Evaluation Instruments:

Rubrics for assessing creativity.

Rubrics for assessing critical thinking.

Instruments to assess and screen skills relevant to express creativity and critical thinking.

Research and Studies