Filip De Fruyt

Senior full professor of Differential Psychology and Personality Assessment at the Ghent University in Belgium. Specialization on assessing and building psychometric models of how individuals differ from each other and how it affects their functioning in daily life and at work. He currently holds the chair of the Ayrton Senna Institute at Ghent University. He is the former president of the European Association for Personality Psychology (EAPP) and served on the editorial board of a wide range of top-tier academic journals. He is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). De Fruyt is a coauthor of over 200 research articles and chapters in a wide range of leading academic journals. His work is frequently cited in over 20,000 entries in Google Scholar.



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Research and Studies


A teacher like me? Different approaches to examining personality similarity between teachers and students. European Journal of Personality. Pancorbo, G., Decuyper, M., Kim, L. E., Laros, J. A., Abrahams, L., & Fruyt, F. D. (2021).

What are agile, flexible, or adaptable employees and students? A typology of dynamic individual differences in applied settings.
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From Interest Assessment to Study Orientation: an Empirical Advice Set Engine. 
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18REST: A short RIASEC-interest measure for large-scale educational and vocational assessment.  
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First look at the five-factor model personality facet associations with sensory processing sensitivity. 
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Editorial: Bridging the gap between research and policy in fostering social and emotional skills.
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Comparison of classical and modern methods for measuring and correcting for acquiescence.
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Anchoring vignettes: can they make adolescent self-report of social and emotional skills more reliable, discriminant, and criterion-valid? Primi R., Zanon C., Santos D., De Fruyt F., & John O. (2016).  European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 32(1), 39–51.

Development of an inventory assessing social and emotional skills in Brazilian youth.
Primi R., Santos D., De Fruyt F., & John O. (2016).  European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 32(1), 5–16.

Book Chapters

Dealing with person differential item functioning in social-emotional skill assessment using anchoring vignettes.  Primi, R., Santos, D., John, O. P., De Fruyt, F., Hauck-Filho, N. (2018).  In M., Wiberg,S., Culpepper,R., Janssen,J., González,D. Molenaar, (Eds.), Quantitative psychology (Vol. 233, pp. 275-286). Springer, Cham.

Estudo especial sobre alfabetismo e competências socioemocionais na população adulta brasileira 
John O., Primi R., De Fruyt., & Santos D. (2016). . Book chapter, INAF Report.