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Good education in all Brazilian regions

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A word from the president

A competitive economy, a fair society and a strong democracy start at school. This phrase sums up the fact Instituto Ayrton Senna has chosen education as its practice area. A good learning for all is the basic principle for Brazil to be successful on all other sectors.
When we speak about quality, we mean it is important to go beyond good grades. Developing the human being as a whole, preparing children and teenagers for a constantly changing world is the school’s mission.
Thus, there were many achievements in 2016, always working based on evidences and trying to take the best knowledge to the classroom.
There is still a lot to do, but the results shown in this report mean we are on the right way.
After all, with no good education, there is no future.

Educational Solutions

Together with city and state education secretaries, Instituto Ayrton Senna promotes the implementation of educational solutions that help to answer crucial questions from Brazilian public education. In 2016, there were more than 1.5 million benefited children and teenagers, always through teacher education, in more than 600 cities of 17 Brazilian states.
Instituto Ayrton Senna efficiency is proved by high rates of fighting illiteracy, flow correction and average of read books (always over 80%).
Besides, the Institute considers XXI century’s challenges and it already has efficiency proof shown through the excellent performance of the students that attend Colégio Chico Anysio, in RJ, who, among other results, were ranked 1st place on Enem between the schools with the same socioeconomic level in the State, and had no dropping.
The Institute is also distinguished by innovative projects, as Literacy on Programming. Started at Itatiba (SP), it was expanded for three cities from RS.

Articulation and mobilization

Education is everybody’s duty. Thus, engaging actions are Instituto Ayrton Senna’s mission, regarding not only educator and managers, but also entrepreneurs, journalists and general society, as everybody can contribute for a good education inside their action fields.
Thus, in 2016, the Institute carried out many actions. There were researches with media impact, engaging events, book releases, reports, strengthening of Rede Nacional de Ciência para a Educação, between other fundamental actions for the strategical themes on education to be always at stake. 

Knowledge Production

In 2016, Instituto Ayrton Senna strengthened its action to take cutting-edge knowledge to managers and teams from the public teaching network. At the same time, it started from the concrete experience and from the contact with educators to also widen knowledge borders and connect academic productions with real day-to-day demand from those who practices education. Thus, it makes a link between science and education.
Counting with a multidisciplinary team, the knowledge production centers in the Institute follow the main and cutting-edge debates on research related to education, generate analysis and their own studies, systematize content, and carry out actions for disseminating information.
Besides continuously taking this knowledge to the education networks in a way integrated with the educational solutions, as it has always done, the institute also started offering the so-called technical assistance. With this action model, always customized to each partner’s specific demand, the team contributed for the construction of a joint vision on integral education, what can include actions related to curriculum politics, education, management and follow-up of practices to make this view concrete. Among the different methodologies used for this, there are the support to States and Cities for carrying out diagnosis on the education on their networks, sharing data on the importance of socioemotional competencies on education quality, the performance of impact evaluation on already implemented programs, and the design of new instruments that support the monitoring and development of the competencies in the classroom.

Commitment and partnerships

For Instituto Ayrton Senna’s action, the commitment of the secondary sector and the society are fundamental for the organization’s work to effectively happen.
Nowadays, there are four big partnership models: Cause Marketing (the company destines part of the value of its product or service for the institute); Private Social Investment (the company supports institute’s actions in a certain Brazilian region); Lide Educação (a group of companies that contributes to the cause); and, in 2016, an innovative format was launched: the “Salary Donation”, which commits workers of partner companies in education cause through voluntary discount of a value directly on the payroll.
Another important achievement in 2016 was the anniversary of 20 years of Itaucard Instituto Ayrton Senna credit card, the organization’s oldest partnership.

Ayrton Senna and Senninha

2016 was special for Ayrton Senna and Senninha brands. “No Pulso do Brasil” campaign, which brought a special message from the three-time Formula One world champion to Brazilian Athletes who competed in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro was successful and won many prizes, including the very important Silver Lion, in Cannes (France).
Other actions, as the Senna Emotion exhibit, the Ayrton Senna Racing Day Relay Marathon and international events were also marking and publicly successful.
On the other hand, the character Senninha reached 22 years old in 2016 and celebrated it with a new animated series, aired by TV Cultura and Discovery Kids.

Instituto Ayrton Senna has come out as a successful employing brand. People who apply to the positions look for meaning in their professional and personal lives. In 2016, 39 positions were filled, making up a staff of 136 intern workers. All the employments came from the private sector.
At the same time, the continuous capacity of the team is a strong point. There were more than 5 thousand hours dedicated to developing the organization’s workers.
New generations receive special attention from the Institute. A trainee program was created in 2016, having started with 10 employments of young professionals from different universities and action areas.